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Kyo Mikkoku

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Post by Kyo Mikkoku on Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:51 pm

Kyo Mikkoku Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7I6KSvJ1RILIvVKj2oVD0JfeIdJtk0J7Vtn2a_Yr-PgptFgLE


Name: Kyo Mikkoku "The Joker" "The Shocking Truth"
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Killua, HunterXHunter

Kyo Mikkoku Appear11

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 120
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
General Appearance:

Kyo is generally a small boy. He is not tall at all but you wouldn't really classify him as a midget. Also he is not fat at all. He is actually built with a lean frame, which no one ever sees because of how he dresses. Kyo wears usually dark blue shirt that covers all of his arms. Over that shirt is a basic gray v-neck t-shirt. Kyo also wears dark blue shorts the fall all the way down over his knees. His shoes are nothing special as he only wears basic tennis shoes that are good use for mobility and are comfortable to wear. They are a basic dark blue with a white body and laces blue laces. Kyo overall seems to just be an average boy. On his back, Kyo wears his brown backpack. This is nothing special as well as all it can do it hold his equipment for research and basic notebook and pencils and pens.

Kyo Mikkoku Person10


Initially, Kyo is a character who seems to be cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the most quick-thinking characters. He is confident in his own abilities, often being humble about it. But when somebody compliments him, he gets easily embarrassed. Kyo is also known for having a sweet tooth, as he spends almost all of his money on snacks. His favorite snack is chocolate, specifically the Chocolate Balls.

However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Having all because he was tortured while in the slum district of the Spirit World. Kyo is not afraid to fight.

Conflicting with Kyo's predisposal to kill is his unyielding loyalty to his friends and natural kindness. Kyo often suffers immensely in his attempts to help his friends without a single complaint. He puts others before himself without being concerned about his own health or even his life.

Kyo's greatest flaw was his fear of those seemingly more powerful than him. Therefore, Kyo is extremely cautious that he only engages in combat provided that victory is absolutely certain.


Kyo likes anyone who is like him, which is anyone who is special and has a sort of greatness resting inside of them. Also he only likes those that are powerful. If he views you as weak then he would never speak to you and ignore you to the fullest extent. He also likes listening to people’s stories or even reading stories in a book. What people having resting in their hearts is truly amazing and he loves to experience their stories. Which is why he goes around and collects all the information that he can. He loves to be able to relay a story and become useful to people. Maybe it shows that one day he could find his own story to tell. Or maybe a story that he wants to end.

Kyo really dislikes those that are weak. He does not seem to get the joy and excitement from those who are weak. Also, even though he loves being around people that are strong. He dislikes having to fight those that are stronger than him. Another thing about him is the he hates not being happy or joyful. He also doesnt like those who want to interfere with the plans of the person that he deemed as powerful and amazing so he would want to try stop those people. Finally, Kyo does not like to fight unnecessary battles. He sees it as pointless as it couldn’t provide any information worth speaking about since he would have to focus more on protection. So he tries to stay away from fighting as much as possible.


He wants to be respected. Even though he seems to be childish and immature, he wants to be respected as an individual. It can be seen he also wants to be taken as seriously as well. It does make a sort of contradiction with his character type but it is a strong motivation for him to be liked by all, which also means that those people respect him as well. Therefore he will work to become respected by those around him. He sees that respect comes from be useful to those around him so he works and trains to be seen as useful.


Kyo fears death. He does not like the feeling knowing that his life is going to end so he does whatever it takes to stay alive. That might be one of the reasons why he is trying to find someone who is stronger than him so that he could be protected. He fears that he may never receive all of the information he needs in order to be considered useful. So it could be said that he fears being called useless. In the end, he fears being useless and having someone to protect him that could, in both cases, lead to his death.

Kyo Mikkoku Histor11


Kyo is no ordinary kid. Well his life was ordinary but he was always seen as extraordinary. He spent most of his life down in the slums of the outer circle. Every once in a while he will find himself running past the Military institute. So as a normal child, he spent a large bit of his life running around and playing with friends. In reality, he had to force out the name of friends. He never saw a single person to be truly a friend. How could he? They were all on different levels some seemed above and some seemed below. But never was there someone who was the same as Kyo. He spent most of his time running around the slums making it seem like he was having fun with these so called friends, but he was actually gathering information.

Kyo spent most of his time as a sort of researcher. Sometimes he would call himself Sherlock, a name from a book that was once in the human world, except he could never fulfill that name, for he could not get the hat. He liked that name. It was cool and mysterious. Almost like Sherlock.

So back to the story of Kyo being a researcher. Kyo would run around with his so called friends and while doing so he would collect information. This information varied from the size of the town to the people inside of it. All of the information he gathered was useful and all written down in his little notebook that he found off the side of the road. His information base became so grand that people would come to him to spy or even research for them. Kyo found this interesting because of all the different stories that he got to hear and see with his own eyes so he would comply. Kyo had such a vast clientele that it attracted people from very dangerous groups.

He didn’t know it then but information is almost as strong as the money itself that pays for it. People from various mob groups would try to receive information on one another. Kyo never really cared about spying on his clientele because of the excitement and thrill that it gave him. Their stories at the time were the most interesting that anything else. He would make them the top priority. It was because of that priority that he got into trouble to begin with. Once the mob groups found out that he was working for the enemy, they captured and tortured him. Some valuable piece of information was learned that day.

Kyo spent most of his time from then on tied up or dragged around and owned for all of his information for free. They even stole all that he had earned in the past and called it compensation. Kyo truly thought that this meant that he was going to die. He did until one day. One day Kyo was locked up in a warehouse that was located not to far off from the street that went into where the great Alchemist lived. This was such a thrilling sight. If Kyo tried hard enough, he could see through the mud stained windows and look at the grand tower. According to his information, that was where the leader of the State Alchemist lived. The leader looked over everything that has to do with the souls. Which was ironic, Kyo was a soul. A soul that was being tortured. A soul that was seen as next to nothing. A soul that will not be saved, or so he thought.

After his usual interrogation from the great leaders who wanted all that he knew, Kyo would just stare out at the tower. Dreaming of what it would be like inside the walls. For a kid that doesn’t dream, this was a first and it was special. The blood dripped from his face and smeared onto the floor below. The leaders were kind enough to make sure to keep cleaning the blood off of him when it came time to talk once again. This way it made it a lot easier to hit him and cause more damage in different places. Still, there he was dreaming about the same old white tower. He stared at it all the way until he passed out from the pain.

He dreamed of wearing a badge on his back. He dreamed of various books and information piled all around him. He dreamed of hearing all of the stories from the world. The dream was interrupted. Kyo eyes fluttered for a second as the musty old warehouse came into view again. He could hear distant screams from his surroundings. Kyo wanted to look around, but he could not. His body was too weak. Kyo just sat there and panted heavily. He panted heavily until all of the screams stopped.

Kyo raised his head slightly to look around. He tried to use all the strength he had left. Finally he heard footsteps right behind him. He couldn’t make out the voice as it was muffled in his blood filled ears. But what he could hear was that he was being order to move with them or in this case carried because soon after Kyo passed out.

When Kyo came to he was inside a pearly white room. Here he was strapped into a machine that flowed fluids into his arm. Kyo looked around the room. Kyo turned to look out the window as he felt the sunlight hit his face. What he wanted to see was the tower. But he didn’t know it would have been that close because there right next to the pearly white room was the tower. Sitting there just as big as he had imagined. Kyo eyes widened with delight at such a sight.

Kyo could just stare out the window all day if he could. He did actually for most of the days that he stayed there and got stronger. It was like he was living in a dream. It became his normal routine. He would wake up and consume whatever food was placed in front of him. Then after a rest, he would awake just to look out the window. He continued doing this until one day a man walked into the room. Kyo could not see his face but could see his silhouette through the curtains. The man sat down in a chair. “Hello my boy…” The mans voice was soft yet had a sort of strictness to it. “I see that you have awoken and have become stronger as the days go on.” There was some age in there too as he could pick out. Kyo wanted to speak but for some reason no words would come out. The man shifted in the seat. “Now now…don’t speak..” He said softly. “You have yet to recover.” Kyo just looked at the curtain. “As you stay here I would like to propose something…”

The man just sat there for a long time. Kyo wondered why he didn’t speak. He had something to propose and yet had lost his words. It was curious on how some people work. It felt like a good 15 minutes until the man spoke once more. “I have a proposition to make you. You don’t have to answer now, but you have until you are fully recovered to leave your response.” The man tapped his foot slightly. “I heard you were good with information. IN fact you lived to find such info.” The man mumbled to himself slightly. “What I want to propose is that you heal up and once you do you have a choice. The first choice is that you go back to your same old life with those same people you call friends. Or…” The man paused again. “Or you come and work for me..here inside the building.”

Kyo eyes widened the instant he said it. Kyo wanted to scream his answer but all he could let out was the sound of a muffled cry. Kyo raised his arms to grab the curtain and look at the mans face. But when he finally got the cloth and pulled it back all he could see was his back. On the back, was something interesting. It was a symbol. Kyo paused and thought about the symbol and then finally his eyes widened. The man was an alchemist!

RP Sample:

Kyo sat on the roof of the Military Building. His feet hang softly over the ledge and swing back and forth to a unknown beat found in Kyo’s head. He slowly leans back and rests his hands on the cool metal. In doing so he would look out over the edge and see the whole town below. Kyo could not lean as far back as he wanted because of how afraid he was to fall back and fall asleep while staring up at the clouds.

Kyo slowly began to rise from his seated position. Well he couldn’t really go out and train now because of his job. Kyo slowly walked over to where his Bag was resting and slung it over on his back. With a quick stretch and a nice yawn. Kyo went off to go and do research. Like he had thought before Kyo had to research peoples Alchemy. In fact, he was in charge of keeping everyone’s abilities in check. He needed to know each and everyone’s abilities and transmutation forms looked like. This was all to keep all of the Alchemist's safe and to help bring about justice or whatever the Captain told him he was needed for.

Today Kyo had to go off and research all of the captains and see if they had learned anything new about their bankais or even gotten closer to transcending. From what he could read from all of the piled up information he needed to sort out from his Captain, Transcending was when people become really powerful and use the full extent of their powers. So far only a few people in history had come close to making such a feat. So he needed to see if he could learn anything to move that process along.

Kyo put his thumbs into the straps of his bag and let his arms rest softly as he began his normal daily decent. He really liked meeting all of the captains. Even though he didn’t speak much, Kyo truly enjoyed his time observing them. Of course, this was because they were all strong people and all had strong abilities. Kyo always hated being put on the younger recruits or even just the unseated people. They just didn’t seem they had the right stuff, but the Captains were apart of a league all to their own. Each had something special and powerful about them. It was something Kyo enjoyed seeing them most.

Kyo slowly walked down the stairs and finally made it at the bottom. Walking at a naturally brisk pace, Kyo made his ways through the cobblestone streets and walked in between all of the walls that separated each barracks. He had never had the chance to see each of the barracks but he had heard that there was nothing special about them. Not to mention some of them were the ones you wanted to avoid. None of the less, Kyo enjoyed looking at each and every wall as he made his usual rounds. It was such a weird thought that it was only not to long ago that he was brought here in a stretcher and given a job by the Captain. Those were some memories that he never wanted to forget. Each and every one of these walls held memories like the ones that he had. Maybe one day he will be able to hear their stories. Maybe he would get the chance, but first he had a job to do. Kyo grumbled to himself for a second. Maybe he could ask the captains about all of the histories. He could probably pass it off as a sort of research thesis. Kyo shrugged to himself slightly and continued on his walk to his first destination.

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